Fr. Marcos Marcos

The Evangelist of the West – Arabic

The Evangelist of the West – English

Fr. Marcos Marcos 40th Day Memorial

“As soon as the days of his service were completed, that he departed to his own house” (Luke 1:23)

In due submission to the will of our heavenly Fathers we announce the departure of our beloved




The founder of the Coptic Church in the land of immigration.


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HH Pope Tawadros II Tribute

HG Anba Makar Tribute

Merna & Ron Tribute

Ashraf Matta Tribute

Fr. Marcos Final Poem

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Samir Demain Tribute

Fr. Marcos Marcos Memories

  • Maker:S,Date:2017-10-2,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E-Y
  • Maker:S,Date:2017-10-2,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E-Y

Fr. Marcos Tributes

Fr. Marcos Photo Album

  • Maker:S,Date:2017-10-2,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E-Y
  • Maker:S,Date:2017-10-2,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E-Y

1971-08-07 Fr Marcos Ordained Hegumen

Father Marcos Marcos’s 55th Anniversary of his ordination

1980-01-19 CBC TV – Fr. Marcos Broadcast Of Epiphany

1985-04-29 Second Week Mass of The Holy Fifty Days

1989-08-27 St. Mark Altar & Icons Consecration

1996-11-27 Coptic Museum Of Canada Inauguration

1975-05-04 Fr Marcos Help in production of SON RISE Movie

1977-04-29 Laying St Mark’s Church Foundation

2012-11-25 Coptic CTV Interview With Fr. Marcos

1989-08-26 HH Pope Shenouda Vesper at St Mark’s

1989-08-29 HH Pope Shenouda & The Silver Jubilee’s Banquet Night

1989-08-26 Welcome HH Pope Shenouda At Toronto Airport