English – Good Shepherd Fellowship

Who we are:
A group of young adults bound by a common thirst for spiritual sustenance. A community of young adults looking to unite, serve and be served. A herd of sheep longing to be lead by their father and shepherd.+ Our Mission:
To foster a young adult Christian community that caters to its member’s spiritual and social needs and serves the community to which it belongs.

What we hope you’ll walk away with:
Knowing that there is a community where you can come to belong and seek spiritual nourishment as it relates to your life as a young adult. We also want to foster a sense of fellowship, and an environment where young Christians can come to learn and socialize together.

Meeting Location
St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church
41 Glendinning Avenue, Toronto, ON
Wednesdays @ 8:30 pm
E-mail us or join our Facebook Group for more information.