Divine Liturgy Registration

Vespers, Tasbeha and Divine Liturgy Registrations

Liturgy Registration

Please do READ and CONSIDER the following important notes:

  1. You MUST register before attending any service.  Failure to register may result in refusing attendance.  We appreciate your understanding and patience.

  2. Once you registered, Please do not uncheck your existing or prior registrations as that will cancel your registrations for those liturgies, unless you want to cancel the liturgy and free your spot.

  3. Please Cancel your registration if your plans have changed and you are no longer attending the liturgy in order to allow other members to attend. You can contact the church secretary or email at registrants@stmarkstoronto.ca

  4. Kindly exert all possible patience and respect to our ushers.  These blessed servants are overwhelmed, exhausted, taking time from their families and exposing themselves so we can all attend and enjoy being in the presence of God.  They deserve our gratitude and respect at ALL times.

  5. When attending a service:

    • please ensure to mention the name of the main contact on the registration form to the ushers even if the main contact is not attending

    • if your name is not in the list, do expect longer wait times to be considered.   Please be patient,

  6. We encourage all members to register as soon as registration opens to ensure you find a pew in the desired day

  7. We kindly urge families to register all together to the same Divine Liturgy to allow more of our congregation to attend

  8. Kindly register for mid-week Divine Liturgies if possible, to leave the weekend for those who are working


Vespers and Tasbeha Registration

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