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This Week’s Announcements

+ St. Mark’s English choir Invites all youth to join practices every Thursday at 8:00 pm in the Chapel. Please contact Monica Iskander or Fr. Kyrillos for further details

+ English Couples Meeting Tuesday September 19, 2017 at Cathedral 8 PM Topic: “Life of abundance” focusing on how to overcome a feeling deprivation in money, family time, church time, spiritually, fun, sleep …etc. By Fr. Kyrillos

+ Beef and Macaroni Casserole collection for the homeless Please take the blessing and participate on the October 15, 2017, St. Mark’s congregation has always been generous to the needy and collected about 350 casseroles last collection. The empty containers will be available after each liturgy in the cathedral and the church.

+ Bible Study
every week in English on Monday at 8:30 PM at Chapel “characters of Genesis” + on Wednesday at 7:30 PM at culture centre of St Mark church “2nd epistle of St Peter” + and in Arabic on Wednesday at 8:00 PM at St Mark church “Hebrews”

+ دراسة الكتاب المقدس
كل أسبوع يوم الأثنين بالأنجليزية الساعة 8,30 مساءاً بكنيسة القديس ابسخيرون “شخصيات سفر التكوين” + الأربعاء بالأنجليزية الساعة 7,30 م بالقاعة في كنيسة مار مرقس “رسالة بطرس الثانية” + الأربعاء بالعربية الساعة 8 م بكنيسة مار مرقس “العبرانيين”

+ Mother Church Cleanup We will be meeting on Saturday September 30th from 9 am at the mother church to clean up and remove all old unwanted items. We will be renting a bin and a truck to clean up everything. Please come to help and bring all your friends and truck if you have to help out. God bless.

+ Festival feedback Through God’s grace and the support of our amazing congregation the festival was a great success this year. We would like to hear your feedback on how to improve in the following years, please visit the church website to submit your feedback and suggestions.

+ St. Mark’s Scouts has now opened registration for the 2018 season. Registration deadline is Nov. 5. Early bird registration will be $80 until Oct. 1st, prices will go up to $90 afterwards. Scout leaders available downstairs in the cafeteria to help with registration and to answer your questions every Sunday until 1:00pm.

+ Hand Bell practice
practice for the youths starts after Labour Day long weekend to prepare for the annual event. The annual event “Ring in Christmas” is on Nov. 18 at 7:30 PM at St Mark Cathedral. Anyone who would like to help in preparing for the event, please contact Eng. Nagaty Banayoty.

+ كورال الأجراس
التدريب للشباب يبدأ بعد عطلة عيد العمال استعداداً للحفل السنوي. الحفل السنوي “Ring in Christmas” يوم 18 نوفمبر الساعة 7,30 م بالكاتدرائية. على الراغبين في المساعدة للتحضير للحفل الاتصال بالمهندس نجاتي بنايوتي

+ St. Mark’s Arabic choir Invites all those who are interested to join practices every Thursday at 7:30 pm in the cathedral room 213. Please contact Fr. Kyrillos for further details.

+ St. Mark’s Coptic Museum is open today from 9:30 am to 12:45 pm + متحف مارمرقس المتحف مفتوح اليوم الأحد من الساعة 9:30 – 12:45 ظ

+ Marriage Preparation Course Another class will be run from June 6 to July 11. For more details, please consult the church website or the bulletin board. + فصل المقبلین على الزواج ستبدأ الكنیسة فصل جدید فى الفترة من ٦ یونیو وحتى ۱۱ یولیو لمزید من التفاصیل برجاء مراجعة موقع الكنیسة أو لوحة الاعلانات

+ Fathers’ outreach Please contact the father who is responsible for your area according to the outreach map or any of the fathers of the church if you have not been visited by one of the fathers this year and would like a father to visit you and your family. Stay Connected group can help as well. + زیارات الافتقاد بواسطة الآباء الكھنة برجاء الاتصال بالاب الكاھن المسئول عن المنطقة التى تعیش فیھا أو أي من آباء الكنیسة وذلك إذا لم یكن أحد من الآباء قد قام بزیارتك ھذا العام وترید ان یزورك أحد من الآباء. Stay Connected یمكن لمجموعة مساعدتك فى ھذا الشان.

+ Volunteers to clean the Mother Church Please contact Naser Wasif at 647-267-5256 + متطوعین لتنظیف الكنیسة الصغیرة 647-267- برجاء الاتصال ب/ ناصر واصف 5256


English Bible Study

English Bible Study will start a new series on “Characters in the Book of Genesis” for 13 weeks. There will be two groups that you can attend either one, Wednesdays and Sundays.
When: Wednesdays 7:30PM or Sundays 8:30PM
Dates:  January 4, 2017 to April 5, 2017
Where: St. Mark’s Church, Scarborough

St. Mark’s Book Club


St. Mark’s is pleased to introduce a new educational activity to encourage our youth and congregation in general to read and discuss from an Orthodox standpoint a chosen collection of bestseller religious books. For the book recommended for the month of August and how to join the club, please see Marina Tawadrous or Fr. Ammonius after the liturgies.