Calendar Weekly Announcements


This Week’s Announcements

+ Feeding the Homeless Service:

Beef and Macaroni casseroles will be collected on February 25. Please participate by picking up the empty containers at the door and bring them back frozen on February 25, 2018. May God reward your love for the needy

+ Seniors Annual Spring Retreat:

Will take place from the 4th to the 11th of June 2018 at a 5-star resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We receive a special group rate. This retreat is also open to all church families. Please contact Youssef Hanna or Samir Lamy for reservation and more details.

+ English Couples monthly meeting:

This Tuesday, February 20 at 8:00 pm at the Cathedral Topic: When to decide to have kids. Speaker: Noha George (certified Christian counselor for couples).

+ Great Recordings to treasure during Holy Lent:

Our Audiovisual Library has prepared the following 2 audio files:

1- All daily readings of Holy Lent and Passion Week (daily Katamars) including weekdays prophecies. Now, if you cannot attend church due to your work schedule, you can still listen to the readings of the day during your drive to and back from work.

2- Concise commentaries on all Old Testament books by Fr Daoud Lamy. Each book is summarized in ½ hour. The recordings are in MP3 format and can be obtained from the Audiovisual Library on a CD or they can be copied on your own USB

+ Two kind requests regarding the security of our cathedral:

– We need volunteers for the front desk services to monitor traffic in and out of all the gates and to answer the phone. If you would like to volunteer for this important service, please call Mr. Michael Ghobrial or any of the priests.

– When doors are locked, we kindly ask all who come to the cathedral to use the buzzer, identify themselves clearly and answer any questions patiently until security staff recognize them and let them in. Please help our courteous security people do their job. And blessing shall descend upon an obedient son.

+ Bookstore: The books of the week

• The Sermon on the Mountain – in English & Arabic

• الصوم الكبير كنيسة ملتهبة. للقمص بيشوي وديع

• Deep meaning of fasting

• Other spiritual books on the Lent

+ Moms’ club:

focusing empower new moms during the first year of their child. Every Wednesday 12:30 pm in room 213.

+ 2nd Note from the Egyptian Consulate re Presidential Elections:

The note is posted on the bulletin board. Casting ballots by eligible voters living in Canada will take place on March 16, 17, 18, 2018 at the consulate in Montreal. Please consult the posted notes for further details.

+ Bible Study

every week in English on Monday at 8:30 PM at Chapel “characters of Genesis” + on Wednesday at 7:30 PM at culture centre of St Mark church “2nd epistle of St Peter” + and in Arabic on Wednesday at 8:00 PM at St Mark church “Hebrews”

+ St. Mark’s Arabic choir

Invites all those who are interested to join practices every Thursday at 7:30 pm in the cathedral room 213. Please contact Fr. Kyrillos for further details.

+ St. Mark’s Coptic Museum

is open today from 9:30 am to 12:45 pm

+ St. Mark’s English choir

Invites all youth to join practices every Thursday at 8:00 pm in the Chapel. Please contact Monica Iskander or Fr. Kyrillos for further details

+ Fathers’ outreach

Please contact the father who is responsible for your area according to the outreach map or any of the fathers of the church if you have not been visited by one of the fathers this year and would like a father to visit you and your family. Stay Connected group can help as well.  

+ زیارات الافتقاد بواسطة الآباء الكھنة

برجاء الاتصال بالاب الكاھن المسئول عن المنطقة التى تعیش فیھا أو أي من آباء الكنیسة وذلك إذا لم یكن أحد من الآباء قد قام بزیارتك ھذا العام وترید ان یزورك أحد من الآباء. Stay Connected یمكن لمجموعة مساعدتك فى ھذا الشان.

+ Volunteers to clean the Mother Church

Please contact Naser Wasif at 647-267-5256  

+ متطوعین لتنظیف الكنیسة الصغیرة

647-267- برجاء الاتصال ب/ ناصر واصف 5256


English Bible Study

English Bible Study will start a new series on “Characters in the Book of Genesis” for 13 weeks. There will be two groups that you can attend either one, Wednesdays and Sundays.
When: Wednesdays 7:30PM or Sundays 8:30PM
Dates:  January 4, 2017 to April 5, 2017
Where: St. Mark’s Church, Scarborough

St. Mark’s Book Club


St. Mark’s is pleased to introduce a new educational activity to encourage our youth and congregation in general to read and discuss from an Orthodox standpoint a chosen collection of bestseller religious books. For the book recommended for the month of August and how to join the club, please see Marina Tawadrous or Fr. Ammonius after the liturgies.