Mature Disciples Preparation Program

Mature Disciples Preparation Program (MDPP)

  • St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church is committed to the advanced preparation of its Sunday school servants, age of 18 and above and experienced who can’t attend weekly servant program.
  • The developed curriculum includes religious education such as Holy Bible study, church dogma, rituals, church history, as well as spiritual studies.
  • A servant should be capable of serving at various different levels; therefore it is essential that a servant have advanced religious preparation.

Vision Statement

“For the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ”    Ephesian4:12

Mission Statement

The mission of the MDPP is to provide the participants with a solid Orthodox Christian education along with hands on, which enables them to grow in faith, to search for knowledge and truth, and continue building the Kingdom of God on earth.

In order to attend and participate in the Servants’ Preparation Program an application for admission, including the following items, must be submitted:

  1. Completed Application
  2. A recommendation letter by your father of confession
  3. A personal statement
  • Outlining any services you are currently performing in your church
  • Reasons for wanting to attend with maximum 300 words.

Applications acceptance will be determined by service coordinator

  Attendance and participation in weekly class meetings

  • The class will meet monthly from 9:00am – 1:00 at the cathedral.
  • All participants are expected to show up on time and attend all classes in person.
  • If you need to miss a class (only for unexpected or unusual circumstances) you must tell the coordinator beforehand and make up the class by listening to the lecture online and submitting a summary and completing whatever homework is required for that week.

Evaluation and grade

Each servant will be evaluated and graded based on the following:
· Attendance
· Homework Assignments
· Class Participation
· course final paper
· Co-op Hours

Grading will be based on a weighted score

The following grading system is considered:
· Grade “A” = 80% – 100 %
· Grade “B” = 70% –79.9 %
· Grade “C” = 60% – 69.9 %
· Grade “D” = 50% – 59.9 %
· Grade “F” = below 50.0 %
the grade will be given at the end of each program

Course Overview

The MDPP main purpose is to prepare future servants with strong christian character; equipping them with profound knowledge of the Bible, deep spiritual foundation, and thorough understanding of church doctrine. This program is not only useful for people interested in serving, but it is also very helpful for everyone in becoming closer to God, understanding His Word and integrating in our church.

It is an 18 months program, 3.5hours every month


Courses of this program are taken from the courses prepared by:

  1. Pre-servants Program of Southern USA Diocese
  2. A Spiritual Guide for Sunday School Service, St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Raleigh, NC
  3. Servants Prep. Program of HG Anba Rafael & Fr. Daoud Lamei
  4. Curriculum has been prepared to include the following topics:
  • Bible Study (BS)
  • Dogma (DGM)
  • Rituals (RIT)
  • History (HIS)

Course Outline

To register, please fill the attached application form and recommendation letter and hand them to Peter Girgis: email

MDPP Application Form

Recommendation Letter